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 Camarilla Clans

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PostSubject: Camarilla Clans   Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:53 pm

The Brujah can be seen as the strength of the Camarilla. Known to most as ‘Rabble’, the Brujah are as violent as they as passionate. While they are perceived to be miscreant trouble makers, in reality it is their strong desire for social and political change that cause the majority of conflicts involving them. Of course, it doesn’t help their standing any when they indulge in destructive tendencies just to prove a point. Individualism flows strong within the clan, which can cause many difficulties and conflicts; however there is nothing like the threat of a common enemy to unite them. On the whole, the clan gets away with far more than others, due to behavioural expectation for chaos and upheaval. This is fine by them, of course. While some act on these misconceptions, the more eloquent use this stereotype to their advantage in political scenes.

Clan Weakness: The passion of a Brujah is both a blessing and a curse; when challenged, this passion can easily fly out of control. All Brujah suffer +2 difficulty when resisting frenzy.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Presence and Potence

Known as the ‘Outlanders’, the Gangrel are largely seen as loners, spurning society in preference of the wilderness that best suits their animalist natures. Like the Brujah, they are fierce warriors; however, their ferocity is born from their natural connection to their inner beast. This is likely why they prefer to keep in communion with animals more than anything else. The clan tends to stay away from other kindred and their problems; this in not due to apathy or reclusion, but more a simple matter of plain disinterest. The Gangrel are closely tied to The Rom and Gypsies, and they tend to adopt many of the culture’s speech and mannerisms.

Clan Weakness: The Gangrel remain very close to the beast, and every time they succumb to it, the beast leaves its mark. Whenever a Gangrel frenzies they gain a permanent animal feature, to be determined by the player and the Storyteller. Every five animal features gained in this way permanently reduces one of the characters Social Attributes by one.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Fortitude.

As they are formally slaves, Gargoyles are called ‘Runaways’ and ‘Rock heads’. It is not a wise move to call them this to their faces, though. There are numerous aspects to the Gargoyles, so in modern nights it is far easier to categorize them by affiliation rather than ancestry. Fundamentally, there are mainly two sorts, slaves to the Tremere or free. Generally, Gargoyles ally themselves with the Camarilla; it is not known whether this is by choice, or the desire to annoy their former masters. However, the Gargoyles do possess a deep-seated need for order and command. Gargoyles who are still enslaved to the Tremere are also Camarilla, but this is through default. These Gargoyles have little sense of identity, and don’t even possess a free will, let alone have memories of their lives before the transformation. The Tremere Bond any Gargoyle who begins to demonstrate any sense of self; the first Gargoyle revolt taught them well. Those Gargoyles who do escape usually hide this trait until they can get away safely. Even when a Gargoyle embraces a mortal, the transformation affects the mortal’s memory, though they may retain vague senses of their former selves. Tremere prefer to take Kindred from these three root clans for the transformation: Nosferatu, Gangrel and Tzimisce. The extent of the Gargoyle’s ugliness depends on which stock they come from; the transformation usually requires a combination of Nosferatu-Gangrel, Nosferatu-Tzimisce or Gangrel-Tzimisce.

Clan Weakness: Gargoyles are ugly and appear demonic, possessing leathery, bat-like wings which grow and develop along with their Discipline of Visceratika. In addition, they have two fewer Willpower points when resisting all Dominate or other mind-controlling effects.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence, Visceratica, Gargoyle Flight.

Commonly know as the ‘Lunatics’, the Malkavians are all that and more, as every last one of them is clinically insane. The clan’s madness is fully tied to each individual; anything form severe paranoia to intense catatonia, can affect a person upon their Embrace. In reality, however, there is usually no foolproof method of discerning a Malkavian from any other clan. No city goes unstirred with this clan’s presence, though they prefer to work subtly, and rarely show a face other than one they wish to be seen. Although there are perceived to be one of the most dangerous clans due to their lack of restraint and rationality, this often opens them up to uncanny insights and strange wisdoms that are completely inconceivable by any sane person.

Clan Weakness: The Malkavian blood carries a special curse, though many of said clan see this as a special gift of Insight. With their blood comes insanity. Upon their embrace, every single Malkavian gains one derangement, to be chosen during character creation. This derangement can temporarily be fought with the expenditure of willpower, but can never truly be disposed of.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Obfuscate, Dementation.

Referred to as the ‘Sewer Rats’, no other clan has been touched by the curse of Cain quite like the Nosferatu. With the embrace comes deformity and twisted ugliness; the transformation for most can take up to a week and is incredibly painful. The result is so horrifying that they can no longer work the streets as they did in their mortal days. Instead, they have been forced to retreat underground, living the rest of eternity in sewers and Catacombs. The Nosferatu are loathed and avoided by the majority of kindred kind, who only interact with them when necessary. On the whole, the Nosferatu are the most level headed of Kindred, and take great pleasure in keeping up with common gossip and affairs. Due to their lifestyles, no one knows a city like a Nosferatu; from back alleys and street to secret knowledges, they’ve got it all. The Nosferatu hold knowledge and secrets above all else, and often trade in these with very high prices.

Clan Flaw: The Nosferatu are truly loathsome to look at. Their appearance trait is automatically zero, with no chance of raising it with experience in the game. All Social interaction based on first impressions are automatically failed other than those involving intimidation.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

With a passion that rivals the Brujah, the Toreador are Beautiful, elegant, flamboyant creatures. Most refer to them as ‘Degenerates’,‘artists’, and even sometimes ‘posers’, but no one can deny that they cultivate what is best in society. They are poets, musicians, and artists, choosing only the truly gifted for their ranks. They are masters of mortal society, gliding gracefully through life, surrounding themselves with elegance and luxury. The Toreador are committed members of the Camarilla and share the Ventrues’ love for high society. However, some prefer to inspire culture in order to preserve the mortals in their society that they love the most.

Clan Flaw: The Toreador are incredibly attuned to the aesthetics of pure beauty. This sensitivity can arise through seeing, hearing of even smelling something beautiful; in this case the Toreador need to pass a Self-control Test (difficulty 6) or become entranced by the sensation. An entranced Toreador can do nothing but stand, enraptured, by the cause of the entrancement for a scene or until it is removed form sight. They can’t even defend themselves form attack; however, being wounded allows them to reroll the Self-control Test to break the spell.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Feared and mistrusted, the Kindred belonging to the Tremere, or ‘Warlocks’, are never ignored. They are masters of Vampiric Magics..Aka Thaumaturgy. The rituals and spells the Warlocks possess are some of the most powerful abilities of the blood. The clan has a rigid Hierarchy which has been moulded over centuries of complicated ideals and structure. It is said that the Tremere made their debut in the ranks of the Vampiric clans quite recently by immortal standards. It is thought they came into being form a Cabal of human wizards who performed a ritual over a slumbering Antediluvian. The war which followed proved them worthy as survivors. This, coupled with their mastery of Thaumaturgy, has ensured the Tremere a place in Kindred society. The Tremere dabble in diplomacy and intrigue, usually working toward creating allies to strengthen their standing as well as building a network for information gathering. They are avid supporters of the Camarilla, seeing it as the perfect way to ensure protection against their enemies. The Tower is more than happy to support them as they bring with them the power of their blood Magics.

Clan Flaw: All Neonates, upon creation, must drink the blood of the seven elders of the clan. This is the law of the Tremere, and all Tremere are one step closer to being Blood Bonded to the seven elders. This ensures loyalty within the clan. This means that it is harder for them to resist the will of their superiors, all difficulties for Dominate attempts by clan superiors are at -1.

Clan Disciplines Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy.

Know as ‘Blue Bloods’, the Kindred of the Ventrue are seen as the most honorable, genteel and tasteful of all the clans. They have, from the beginning, been the leaders of the Camarilla, enforcing the traditions and shaping the society. In nights past the Ventrue took their stock for nobility successful merchant princes. Today, they choose successful businessmen, politicians, and from already established rich families. They are often seen as arrogant for their staunch belief in order, stability, and the Masquerade, but this is the burden they are willing to take. They believe without their sacrifice and leadership, there would be no Masquerade and no stability. Reputation and achievement takes a Kindred in the clan a long way; however, none of that counts if he lacks the influence to use it. Most are quick to slant the Ventrue as pompous tyrants, but the majority of the time it is the Ventrue that is gone to for help. Their influence can range anywhere from the media right thought to the church. They are the lords of the Camarilla and the will have it no other way.

Clan Flaw: The Ventrues tastes are so refined that the type of blood they accept becomes exclusive to a particular type. This is chosen at character creation, and can be anything. For example: children, virgins, bald men, clergy etc. They are unable to feed form anything other than their chosen type, no matter what; however, they can feed from other vampires freely and without constraint.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence.
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Camarilla Clans
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