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 Influence Specialties

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PostSubject: Influence Specialties   Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:38 pm


Even churches are not without politics and intrigue upon which an opportunistic Kindred may capitalize. Church Influence usually only applies to mainstream faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith. Sometimes other practices fall under the Occult Influence. Contacts and allies affected by Church Influence include: ministers, bishops, priests, activists, evangelists, witch-hunters, nuns and various church attendees and assistants.
1-5 dots depending on desired effect. Identify most secular members of a given faith in the local area Pass as a member of the clergy Peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.) Identify higher church members Track regular congregation members; Suspend lay members Open or close a single church; Dip into the collection ($250) Find the average church-associated hunter Access to private information and archives of church Discredit or suspend higher-level members Manipulate regional branches Organize major protests; Access ancient church lore Borrow or access church relics or sacred items Use the resources of a Diocese

The world teems with the trappings of affluence and the stones of the rich and famous. Kindred with the Finance Influence speak this language of money and know where to find capital. They have a degree of access to banks, mega corporations and the truly wealthy citizens of the world. Such characters also have a wide variety of servants to draw upon, such as CEOs, bankers, corporate yes-men, financiers, bank tellers, stock brokers and loan agents.
1-5 dots depending on desired effects. Earn money; learn about major transactions and financial events. (3 or higher) Raise capital ($1,000); Learn about general economic trends. Learn real motivations for many financial actions of others Trace an unsecured small account. Raise capital to purchase a small business Purchase a large business. Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, credit alterations) Ruin a small business Control an aspect of citywide banking (shut off ATMs) Ruin a large business; Purchase a major company Spark an economic trend

In our modem world, a myriad of organizations and resources exists to deal with every mortal ache an ill, at least in theory.
1-5 dots depending on desired effect. The network of health agencies, hospitals, asylums and medical groups is subject to exploitation by a Kindred with Health Influence. Nurses, doctors, specialists, lab workers, therapists, counsellors and pharmacists are just a few of the workers within the health field. Access a person's health records. Use public functions of health centers at your leisure Fake vaccination records and the like; Access to some medical research records Have minor lab work done; Get a copy of coroner's report. Instigate minor quarantines. Corrupt results of tests or inspections; Alter medical records. Acquire a body; Completely rewrite medical records (3 or higher)Abuse grants for personal use ($250) Institute large scale quarantines Shut down businesses for "health code violations" Have special research projects performed Have people institutionalized or released

High Society
An elite clique of mortals exists that, by virtue of birth, possessions, talent or quirks of fate, hold themselves above the great unwashed masses. High Society allows the character to direct and use the energies and actions of this exceptional mass of mortals.
1-5 dot depending on effect. Among their ranks, one can find dilettantes, the old rich, movie and rock stars, artists of all sorts, wannabes, fashion models and trend setters. Learn what is trendy. learn about concerts, shows or plays well before the public, obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows Track most celebrities and luminaries (3 or higher) Be a local voice in the entertainment field "Borrow" $1,000 as idle cash from rich friends Crush promising careers Hobnob well above your station * Minor celebrity status Appear on a talk show that's not about to be cancelled. ruin a new club, gallery, festival or other high society gathering

A character with the Industry Influence has her ashen fingers in this pie.
1-5 dots depending of effect. Industry is composed of union workers, foremen, engineers, contractors, construction workers and manual labourers. Learn about industrial projects and movements, have minor projects performed; (3 or higher) Arrange small "accidents" Dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($500) Organize minor strikes; Appropriate machinery for a short time, close down a small plant; Revitalize a small plant or manipulate large local industry 6 Cut off production of a single resource in a small region

The Kindred presence is even present in the hallowed halls of justice and the courts, law schools, law firms and justice bureaus within them. Inhabiting these halls are lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks, DAs and attorneys.

1-5 dots on the desired influence
* Get free representation for small cases. .
** Avoid bail for some charges; Have minor charges dropped. .
*** Manipulate legal procedures (small wills, minor contracts, court dates) Access public or court funds ($250); Get good representation. .
****Issue subpoenas; Tie up court cases Have most legal charges dropped; Cancel or arrange parole. .
***** Close down all but the most serious investigations Have deportation proceedings held against someone

The media serves as the eyes and ears of the world. While few in this day and age doubt that the news is not corrupted, many would be surprised at who closes these eyes and covers these ears from time to time. The media entity is composed of station directions, editors, reporters, anchors, camera people, photographers and radio personalities.

1-5 dots depending on the desired influence.
* Learn about breaking stories early * Submit small articles (within reason) Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports. .
** Get hold of investigative reporting information. .
*** Initiate news investigations and reports Get project funding and waste it ($250). .
**** Access media production resources; Ground stories and projects. .
***** Broadcast fake stories (local only). .

Most people are curious about the supernatural world and the various groups and beliefs that make up the occult world but few consider it anything but a hoax a diversion or a curiosity. They could not be farther from the truth. This Influence more than any other hits the Kindred close to home and could very well bring humanity to its senses about just who and what shares this world with them Among the occult community are cult leaders alternative religious groups charlatans would be occultists.

1-5 dots depending on the desired influence.
* Contact and use common occult groups practices Know some of the more visible occult figures. .
** Know and contact some of the more obscure Occult figures Access resources for most rituals and rites. .
*** Know the general vicinity of certain supernatural entities and possibly contact them Can access vital or very rare material components. .
**** Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks $250 Access occult tomes and writings part of an alleged Book of Nod. . .
***** Research a Basic Ritual Research an Intermediate Ritual Access minor magic items Unearth an Advanced Ritual Research a new or unheard of ritual or rite from tomes or mentors

To protect and servers is a popular motto among the chosen enforcers of the laws But these days even those ignorant of Kindred have reason to doubt the laws ability to enact justice . Perhaps they should wonder whom the law defends whom it serves and why . The Police Influence encompasses the likes of beat cops ,desk jockeys, prison guards, special divisions ( such as SWAT and homicide), detectives and various clerical positions.

1-5 dots depending on the desired influence.
* Police information and rumors, avoid traffic tickets
** Have license plates checked, avoid minor violations Get Inside informational. .
*** Find bureau secrets, get copies of an investigation report Have police hassles detain or harass someone.
**** Access confiscated weapons or contraband Start an investigation Get money, either from evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000) Have some serious charges dropped. .
***** Institute major investigations; Arrange setups Instigate bureau investigations; Have officers fired. .

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this is so, the movers and shakers among the Kindred should be quite taken by the artful and cut-throat antics of their mortal counterparts in the field of politics. Some of these individuals include statesmen, pollsters, activists, party members, lobbyists, candidates and the politicians themselves.

1-5 dots depending on the desired influence.
* Minor lobbying Identify real platforms of politicians and parties,be in the know. .
** Meet small time politicians; Have a forewarning of processes, and laws Use a slush fund or fund raiser ($1,000). .
*** Sway or alter political projects (local parks, renovations). .
**** Enact minor legislation; Dash careers of minor politicians. .
***** Get your candidate in a minor office Enact more encompassing legislature.

Disenchanted, disenfranchised and ignored by their "betters," an undercurrent of humanity has made its own culture and lifestyle to deal with the harsh lot life has dealt them. In the dark alleys and slums reside gang members, the homeless, street performers, petty criminals, prostitutes and the forgotten.
1-5 dots for the desired effect. Has an ear open for the word on the street. Identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits. Live mostly without fear on the underside of society Keep a contact or two in most aspects of street life Access small time contraband Often gets insight on other areas of influence. Arrange some services from street people or gangs Get pistols or uncommon melee weapons, (3 or higher) Mobilize groups of homeless; Panhandle $250, can have a word in almost all aspects of gang operations, get hold of a shotgun, rifle or SMG Control a single medium-sized gang

The world is in constant motion, its prosperity relying heavily on the fact that people and productions fly, float or roll to and from every corner of the planet. Without the means to perform this monumental task, our "small" world quickly returns to a daunting orb with large, isolated stretches. The forces that keep this circulation in motion include: cab and bus drivers, pilots, air traffic controllers, travel firms, sea captains, conductors, border guards and untold others.
1-5 dots for a desired Effect A wizard at what goes where, when and why Can travel locally quickly and freely, can track an unwary target if they use public transportation Arrange passage safe from mundane threats (sunlight, etc.) Seriously hamper an individual's ability to travel, avoid most supernatural dangers when travelling, temporarily shut down one form of mass transit. (3 or higher) Route money your way ($500), reroute major modes of travel;

Even in the most cosmopolitan of ages, society has found certain needs and services too questionable to accept, and in every age, some organized effort has stepped in to provide for this demand regardless of the risks. Among this often ruthless and dangerous crowd are the likes of hitmen, Mafia, Yakuza, bookies, fencers and launderers.
1-5 dots for desired effect Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, etc.) Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars, etc. Hire muscle to rough someone up, (3 or higher) fence minor loot, prove that crime pays (and score $1,000), obtain rifle, shotgun or SMG; Arrange a minor "boost" White-collar crime connections, arrange gangland assassinations; Hire a hitman or firebug, supply local drug needs

In an age where the quest for learning and knowledge begins in schools, colleges and universities, information becomes currency. University Influence represents a certain degree of control and perhaps involvement in these institutions. Within this sphere of Influence, one will find the teachers, professors, deans, students of all ages and levels, Greek orders and many young and impressionable minds.
1-5 dots for desired effect Know layout and policy of local schools. Access to low level university resources, get records up to the high school level Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or skills, minor access to facilities; Fake high school records Obtain college records, faculty favors; Cancel a class; (3 or higher) Fix grades Discredit a student Organize student protests and rallies Discredit faculty members Acquire money through a grant ($1,000), falsify an under graduate degree, arrange major projects, alter curriculum institution-wide Free run of facilities
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Influence Specialties
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