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PostSubject: Setting   Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:04 am

Present Day


This game is set in Vancouver Canada in the present time. The Prince rules over Part of the land and the surrounding area, but the majority of Vancouver is claimed by the Independent Clans even if not so directly. They live there and keep to themselves. The people who rule under the Prince are all ready to hand their positions over to younger members of the Camarilla if they can prove themselves to be worthy of the job, to them and the Prince. The Elders have held their jobs for centuries on end, but as everything in life, everything gets old after a while. The thrill of politics long in their past they are ready to move on to better things. There are various clubs and theaters that are owned by vampires and other immortal creatures, but it would be hard to tell which ones, and by whom until you stepped out of line in one of them.
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