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 Places of Interest

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PostSubject: Places of Interest   Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:11 am

There are various place to go for entertainment:
Castle Fun Park
The best thing about this park is that it's open YEAR ROUND! This one's definitely for the "mini-golf enthusiast" because it offers both indoor and outdoor mini-golf courses. Plus, they have batting cages, a go-cart track, an arcade and more. Admission is free and you only pay for the attractions you want to enjoy. This park is located at the end of Exit 95 off Hwy 1.

The Tonic Club
The Tonic Club has a dark and fancy atmosphere. Filled with gentle neon lighting, this club provides excellent dance grooves and a relaxed setting for some cocktails. The central dancefloor makes it easier for everyone to mingle together, and for on-lookers to watch. Two full service bars.

Pacific Spirit Park
The park is a very large open field that has small groups of trees. There are small playgrounds near the entrance to the park for children to play. The farther you get into the park the more trees you will see until you think you have entered a forest.

Musquem Indian Reserve
This area is home of the Lupins. It is highly recommended that everyone, Kindred and Mortal alike, stay away from here. Though the land is beautiful and the air is fresh, the company that stays here is not pleasant and highly dangerous.

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre
The Giggle Dam has been enthralling audiences since 2001 with outrageous musical skit comedy. Reminiscent of Second City Review, the immensely talented performers of the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre offer lively rapid-fire comedy skits, musical parodies, impersonations, etc. The politically incorrect offerings of the "Dam" cast is catching fire quickly.

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Places of Interest
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