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 Assamite Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Assamite Merits and Flaws   Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:41 am


Marijava Contact - 1 pt Merit

You have an ally who is a member of the Marijava ghoul family (see Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand), and can be called upon for a favor from time to time. Likewise your Marijava friend may call upon you fro help occasionally. The clan is aware of this relationship and will normally grant you leave t ehlp your ally (knowing that you have given your word to do so), provided that the clan's interests are not compromised in the process. The storeyteller creates the ghoul character, but should not reveal Trait scores and other game-sensitive information to you.

Unconquered Ally - 2 pt Merit
You have a friend and ally among the Unconquered. The Storyteller creates this character, but should not reveal any information to you beyond that warranted by the two characters' acquaintance. Your Unconquered ally may be called upon for assistance and may also enlist your support from ume to time. Naturally, neither of you may do anything which endangers your side of the clan without incurring the considerable wrath of your superiors.


Unconquered Enemy - 1 pt Flaw

You have an enemy among the Unconquered who will try to thwart your plans and may even try to destroy you if this can be done without being found out. Your enemy has been blackening your name, and as a result you find that all dealings with the Unconquered are at + 1 difficulty.

[b]Disgraced - 2 pt Flaw

You broke the laws of the khabar at some point during your training, and though you have since partially made amends (enough to prevent yourself from being destroyed on the spot, and to be grudgingly accepted as a rafiq), your name still bears the stain of your misdeed. All dealings with other Assamites are at + 1 difficulty, though the Storyteller has the discretion to vary this penalty for individuals who know you well or whom you have served well or badly in the past. Clearing your name will be a strong motivation for performing well in all respects while on an assignment.

Silsila Enemy - 2 pt Flaw
A member of the silsila has taken against you for some reason -- faction enmity, for example -- and will exert influence to thwart your chances of promotion, make sure you get difficult or inglorious jobs, and generally make your existence uncomfortable. The Storyteller should decide whether you know who your enemy is at the start of the game, though you may do what you can to find out.

Du'at Enemy - 4 pt Flaw
During your apprenticeship at Alamut, you somehow incurred the displeasure of one of the du'at, and your existence will be considerably more difficult as a result. Your enemy is unlikely to be your direct commander (the caliph in the case of warriors), and you may not even know his identity -- though you may certainly try to find out and make your peace somehow.

Magical Addict - 3 or 5 pt Physical Flaw
Whether through a weak will, a lingering anomaly from your mortal days or overuse of ritual components like kalif, you have become addicted to the alchemical psycoactive drugs that some sorcerers use to focus their blood magic. Going beyond a mere physical or psychological addiction, this dependence goes so far as to affect your very mastery of the powers at your command. Your competence with Assamite Sorcery is dependent on the frequency at which you cater to your addiction
If you take this Flaw at 3 points, suffer a +2 difficulty to all rolls related to blood magic, including (but not limited to) use of path powers and rituals, whenever you are not under the drug of your choice. For 5 points, you are completely unable to focus yourself enough to perform even the simplest blood magic if the drug is not in your system.
Only characters with at least one dot in Assamite Sorcery may take this flaw. Non-Assamites may take this flaw if they somehow receive tutelage in the Discipline.

Unbroken - 3 pt Supernatural Flaw
For whatever reason, the Tremere curse was stronger in you than most of your clanmates. This was no great liability while all of you were so afflicted. However, when ur-Shulgi cast the Breaking, the great ritual's power did not fully cleanse you. You now share your caste's thirst for Cainite blood - but for you, the very substance you crave is still a poison.
The Tremere curse that once affected your clan has been weakened in you, but is not completely gone. When you drink non-Assamite Cainite vitae, each blood point enters your blood pool normally. However, on the way down, it inflicts one automatic, unsoakable level of lethal damage in a combination of unnatural toxic shock and internal acid burns. On the plus side, all your difficulties to resist the warrior's caste's addiction are at -1 difficulty - think of it as aversion therapy. If you are a sorcerer or vizier, this Flaw is worth one additional point (for a total of 4), but gain the warrior caste's addiction in addition to your own caste's weakness.
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Assamite Merits and Flaws
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