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 Gangrel Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Gangrel Merits and Flaws   Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:37 am


Ruse of the Wolfs Clothing - 2PT Merit
In animal form only, the vampire still smells alive, even to the super sensitive nostrils of the lupines. This is essentially a “Baby Face” merit for altered forms, and may include other lifelike symptoms at the storytellers discretion as well as a defense against the werewolf gift Sense Wyrm. If this is the case, then the storyteller may well want to increase the cost of this merit.

Without a Trace - 2 pt Merit
You are virtually untraceable. Nature works to your advantage, masking your scent trail and eliminating your footprints. All normal methods of tracking fail every time someone attempts to track you, and even Lupines (garou) find it incredibly difficult to pick up your scent. While supernatural methods such as Auspex arent complete failures, the difficulties of tracking are great and it isnt likely to pinpoint your exact location unless the practitioner of the discipline is extremely skilled and lucky (+2 Diff to tack the character) through any means.

Gift of Proteus - (1, 2, 4)PT Merit
This merit allows the Gangrel to “fine-tune” the shapes achieved by the Protean Discipline. The number of points spent determines the scope of the variation, which must be specific, approved by the Storyteller, and defined when the merit is chosen.


* For 1 point, the character can vary the special effects. The character may modify the incidental effects of a form. Red Eyes might glow an eerie green instead of red.

* For 2 points, the character may achieve a minor variation on a form. For instance, a player may determine the actual breed of wolf which her character may become.

* For 4 points, the character may make a significant variation in one of the Protean shapes (as long as it is still a shape traditionally associated with Vampires), such as becoming a black cat instead of a wolf. Among the forms traditionally ascribed to Vampires were those of cats, crows, black dogs, wolves, toads, and bats.


Superstitious - (2-4)PT Flaw
The character has misconceptions about what he is. In the absence of a sire, he becomes what he believes himself to be. "Hollywood-it is," the belief that one has the powers and limitations of one of the several movie vampires, is the most common form. A more severe manifestation (possibly worth more points to the Storyteller) is a Gangrel who believes himself a Lupine.
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Gangrel Merits and Flaws
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