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 Nosferatu Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Nosferatu Merits and Flaws   Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:46 am


Lizard Limbs - 1PT Merit
When your limbs are restrained or grappled, you may spend a Blood Point and make a Willpower roll (difficulty Cool. If you succeed, you may "shed" a limb, leaving it in your opponents grasp while you escape. The limbs may be regrown normally. If you shed enough limbs, you can escape nearly any bonds, though it is difficult to flee the scene of captivity when one has no legs....
Nosferatu with this Merit often use it for practical jokes (Lets shake on it...).

Long Fingers - 1PT Merit
Your fingers are unnaturally long and spidery. You gain one extra die to Dice Pools involving digital coordination or grappling.

Oversized Fangs - 1PT Merit

When you grew your fangs, you really grow them. Your fangs are enormous, snagly things resembling cobra fangs or possibly even tusks. Your bite does one additional die of damage, and you may add one to your Intimidation Dice Pool.

Oversized Mouth - 1PT Merit

Your mouth is huge and you are able to open it to prodigious width. You may drink an additional two Blood Points from your victim each turn.

Disgusting - 2PT Merit

You have the ability to contort your body and face in all sorts of shocking and grotesque ways. You can drool blood, pop your eyes out to double their width, spontaneously grow and burst boils on your flesh, extend your tongue three feet out of your mouth, etc. In addition, you are an accomplished practitioner of the fine art of disgusting others, and take considerable pride in your ability to gross out anyone or anything. By concentrating for a turn and spending a Blood Point, you may will your body to do something vile, making a Wits and Intimidation roll (Difficulty of the opponents Wits + Self Control). Each success on this roll subtracts one from the opponents Dice Pool for any action taken next turn. (The opponent is so repulsed and horrified by your antics that concentration is broken.)

Slimy - 2PT Merit

Your skin secretes slime like that of a worm or mollusk. Opponents must score two more successes than normal to grapple you, and your difficulty to soak fire damage is reduced by one.

Swarm Attractor - 2PT Merit

You must have at least one dot in Animalism to take this Merit. Your skin exudes a grease that attracts flies, gnats, bees, and other flying insects. While these insects normally buzz passively about you in a thick cloud, you may command them in a limited fashion. The bugs may travel up to 20 feet from you to sting and distract your foes. The swarm does no actual damage, but any being caught in the swarm must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). If the roll fails, the victim loses two dice from her Dice Pool that turn; if it botches, she may take no action whatsoever.

Tough Hide - 2PT Merit
Your skin is thick and leathery, resembling that of a pachyderm. You gain one extra die on your soak Dice Pool (though not to soak fire and sunlight).

Foul Blood - 3PT Merit
Your blood tastes truly awful. Opponents who bite you in combat must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or spend the next turn retching and gagging; the idiot who actually tries to commit diablerie upon you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) and score three successes to complete the process.

Piscine - 1PT Merit
You are abnormally comfortable underwater and vastly prefer swimming to walking. You get a -1 difficulty on any Physical dice pool related to underwater movement.

Slimy - 1PT Merit
Like a worm or mollusk, you have skin that secretes an oozing slime. Your difficulty to soak fire damage is reduced by one, and opponents who try to grapple you must score two more successes than normal.

Gaping Maw - 2PT Merit
You’ve got a nasty gash where your mouth should be. It can smile, it can frown, and most importantly, it can grin two or three inches wider than any human mouth can. An ordinary vampire can suck up to three blood points in a turn. You can drain up to four points a turn, provided you can latch your tooth-filled orifice around enough skin.

Projectile Vomiting - 2PT Merit
This talent is like the Eat Food Merit, but twice as versatile. Food comes in; food goes out very, very fast. A vampire with this ability can ingest, and possibly even taste, food and drink. He cannot pin any nutritional benefit from this ordinarily digestible matter, but he can store it for later use. When this need arises, the Nosferatu can not only disgorge his stored supply of food, but also aim it with a degree of precision. For the record, projectile vomiting in the Storyteller system usually requires a Stamina + Athletics roll; the difficulty is 8, and a victim can attempt to dodge this bolus of ejected victuals. Although this attack does not cause damage (save to ones pride), the type of food ejected may temporarily obscure a victims vision, cause him to slip or merely force him to weep with shame at a Camarilla Toreadors grand ball. Pity the poor vomit drenched Toreador....

Sleep Unseen - 2PT Merit
You can use the Obfuscate Discipline to hide while you sleep during the day. Such prolonged use of this ability requires an extra blood point (or Blood Trait) to keep your body hidden for a full day. Of course, you must at least be hidden from sunlight, and vampires using the Auspex Discipline can still detect you, but mortals will ignore your very presence. This is a useful Merit for Nosferatu emissaries and travelers; many would perish without it.

False Reflection - 3PT Merit
When using Mask of a Thousand Faces, a Nosferatu with this Merit can create a false impression of his disguise on recording media. He can have his picture taken, show up on videotape and even record an imitation of the subjects voice. Nosferatu without this Merit cannot disguise themselves to machines using the Obfuscate Discipline.

Reptile Buddy - 3PT Merit
Yes, those legends about albino alligators in the sewers really are true. You’ve been nursing a few of them with your vitae in the local spawning pool for years. Your careful breeding and vigilant training has produced a reptilian slave of exceptional intelligence. It has a mind as sharp as that as a five-year-old child and teeth as keen as butcher knives. The beast understands your native language perfectly and can even follow complex directions. Faster and deadlier than any human ghoul, it is a highly efficient killing machine fully capable of patrolling your domain with ruthless efficiency. Reptile buddies also love to play "fetch" with human limbs (whether attached or severed).

Ghouled Reptile Buddy

Physical: Strength 6, Dexterity 2, Stamina 6

Social: Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 0

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 3

Disciplines: Fortitude 2, Potence 2

Blood Pool: 5

Willpower: 5

Attacks: Bite (7 dice), Tail Slap (6 dice)

Patagia - 4PT Merit
Leathery wings fold up into your horrid little body. Picture the gliding wings of a pterodactyl or a flying squirrel. Now visualize them hanging off the twisted skeleton of bat-like wings. With the aid of an updraft or a strong wind, you can glide for short distances - rather useful for Nosferatu who skulk along rooftops, don’t you think? Storytellers should know that a vampire with this Merit can glide at his normal walking speed.

Rugged Bad Looks - 5PT Merit
Your face is hideous, but it could almost pass for that of a really ugly human. If you were to cover every other part of your body, you could shamble into mortal society looking only slightly suspicious. While you might have a hunchback, reptilian scales over parts of your flesh or a foul stench that never dissipates, you can actually walk among mortals - with extensive precautions - without automatically breaking the Masquerade. Other vampires give you no end of grief for not looking like a "real" Nosferatu. By the way, this is as "attractive" as a Nosferatu ever gets; no Merit will ever increase a Nosferatus Appearance above zero.


Blunt Teeth - 1PT Flaw
Your teeth are huge and square, not sharp like those of most other Vampires. You must score one extra success to do damage with a bite, and once you have locked your teeth into your prey, you automatically cause the victim one additional Health Level of damage for every two Blood Points taken (you have to chew and chew and chew...).

Club Foot - 1PT Flaw
One of your feet is gnarled and deformed. You move at only half normal speed.

Nosferatu Caitiff - 1PT Flaw
You were Embraced by a Nosferatu, but failed to meet the standards of even that clan, and were subsequently rejected by your sire. As you did not complete the Becoming process, you were not fully transformed, but you still look rather odd. You begin the game with an appearance rating of 1, and raising your Appearance costs double the number of experience points. In addition, you present a tempting target for just about any bully - other Caitiff may not have much to kick around, but a "Nosferatu reject" certainly offers possibilities for abuse.
Not all Caitiff sired by Nosferatu have this flaw; nobody knows why some do and some don’t.

Stench - 1PT Flaw
Few Nosferatu smell good, but you reach a new nadir of odoriferousness. Even other Nosferatu are repulsed by your stink, and your Stealth Dice Pools are reduced by two against any creature that can smell, unless you are upwind.

Blunt Fangs - 1PT Flaw
Your teeth are huge and square, not sharp like those of other vampires. To do damage with a bite attack, you must score an additional success ( thus, this extra success subtracts from the amount of damage you do) . Once you have sunk you teeth into your prey, you inflict a level of damage for every two blood points you take. Once your fangs are locked in a victims flesh, you’ve got to chew and chew and chew....

Infamous Autarkis - 1PT Flaw
The Camarilla wont accept you as one of its own under any circumstance. The Sabbat wouldn’t think of submitting you to Creation Rites - its just not worth it. Something in your past, your reputation or your sires background is so abhorrent that both sects reject you utterly. You aren’t just autarkis; your infamy spreads throughout both sects of vampiric society. Although you might find a coterie thats willing to work with you, they would not dare take you to any gathering of Camarilla or Sabbat vampires for fear of damaging their own reputations. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw but only after you’ve completed a story in which you’ve resolved and overcome this social stigma.

Anosmia - 2PT Flaw
You have no sense of smell or taste. The vilest odors and flavors imaginable cannot affect you; in fact, you do not even recognize their presence. You cannot attempt a Perception roll that involves either of these senses. However, any supernatural attack involving horrific odors and tastes does not affect you. Granted, Nosferatu who have surrounded themselves with unseemly funk long enough become immune to just about any foul odor, but you simply do not recognize smells at all.

Parasitic Infestation - 2PT Flaw
Other creatures live on or inside you. Exotic Haemovore - chiggers, gnats, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, leeches and un-nameable bloodsucking fungal spores consider the creases, folds and scabrous layers of your skin delightful. Your flesh continuously twitches and writhes, and living things burrow inside you, possibly even nesting in the cavities of your body. Despite all you ingenious methods of discouraging them, this loathsome hosting will not disperse. You cannot command these vermin in any fashion; in fact, the worst of them are very defiant because they have been strengthened and corrupted by your foul vitae.
Each day, when you rise, roll one die. Divide the result by three, rounding up. The result is the number of blood points you lose to the blood-intoxicated parasites within and upon you. In addition, the constant itching puts on you edge; increase the difficulty of all Self-Control rolls by one.

Enemy Brood - 3PT Flaw
A brood of your fellow Nosferatu have an unceasing vendetta against you. You can run from them, but you cant hide. If you stay in the same city, they will pool whatever resources they have to make your existence a living hell. Traveling through the local sewers is a nightmare. If you flee, they will use their influence and contacts to call in favors in the next city you show your ugly mug. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Flaw, but only after you’ve completed a story in which you’ve resolved and overcome this social stigma.

Necrophilia - 3PT Flaw
No, you don’t have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and "invite" them over to your domain. Your haven is distastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them and entertain frequently. Some vampires of particularly refined temperament may need to overcome a Courage roll (difficulty 4) to enter a room where you've left your guests and their accouterments. Toreador go ape shit;
Toreador antitribu applaud. For some reason, this Flaw is very popular among Leather faces.

Withered Leg - 3PT Flaw
For whatever reason, one of your legs does not work as well as the other. You subtract three dice when attempting any action that involves movement, and you move at half normal speed.

Putrescent - 4PT Flaw
After you received the Embrace, your body continued to decay. The mystic process that inhibit a vampires natural putrefaction has little effect on you. As a result, you constantly rot. Subtract one die when your character soaks damage. If you are jarred or hit violently, roll Stamina (difficulty 6). If you fail, one of your facial features or limbs falls off. If you botch, you also take a level of aggravated damage; once this wound is healed, the missing body parts will regrow.

Traitor - 4PT Flaw
Oh, you’re a bastard, all right, and if the other Nosferatu find out about this, they’ll kill you on sight. You’ve been leaving information ( through a designated drop point) about your alleged allies. This might involve regular e-mails, messages hidden at the same spot or a package you drop off for a courier. You must betray secrets about your allies, usually the members of your own coterie, every game session. At the end of the session, you must tell the Storyteller what you’ve done; if you haven’t been enough of a bastard, one of your secrets winds up on the local information network.

Contagious - 5PT Flaw
Dead bodies contain all sorts of infectious bacteria, fungi and spores. There’s a reason coroners wear gloves when handling corpses. Thanks to a rather virulent version of Nosferatus’ curse, a few doomed varieties of Nosferatu retain these infections after their Embrace. Contagious Nosferatu can never interact with mortals without the possibility of spreading sickness and disease. A mortal who touches a Contagious Nosferatu must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 9) or fall prey to illness for the next week. At the end of each week, the victim must make another roll; once he succeeds, he recovers from the illness.
While this may seem like a rather crippling Flaw, it does force players to think of new ways of interacting with the human world (many of which are detailed in this chapter) . To maintain a sense of game balance, most other supernatural creatures have ways of dealing with the Contagious Sewer Rats disease: Werewolves regenerate very quickly, mage's can mystically remove the infection from themselves or other mage's, wraiths just don't give a damn because they’re incorporeal, and so on.

Incoherent - 5PT Flaw
You are incapable of human speech. Maybe your jaw has collapsed or you’ve been abandoned in the sewers for too long. Pointing, grunting, wheezing and wildly gesturing are all within your repertoire, but actually forming words is not. While a player portraying this character can describe what he is doing, the character can never utter a Word. The only exception to this is communicating with animals; you can express yourself to beasts with nonverbal language.

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Nosferatu Merits and Flaws
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