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 Physical Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Physical Merits and Flaws   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:28 pm

Physical Merits

Acute Sense - 1PT Merit
One of your senses is exceptionally sharp, be it sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste. The difficulties for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense are reduced by two. This Merit can be combined with the Discipline Auspex to produce superhuman sensory acuity.

Ambidextrous - 1PT Merit
You have a high degree of offhand dexterity and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. You must still use the rules for taking multiple actions, but will not suffer a difficulty penalty if, say, you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand.

Eat Food - 1PT Merit
You have the capacity to eat food and even savor its taste. While you cannot derive any nourishment from eating regular foods, this ability will serve you well in maintaining the Masquerade. Of course, you can't digest what you eat, and there will be some point during the evening when you must force yourself to heave it back up.

Catlike Balance - 1PT Merit
You possess an innately perfect sense of balance. Characters with this Merit reduce difficulties of all balance related rolls (e.g., Dexterity + Athletics to walk along a narrow ledge) by two.

Double-Jointed - 1PT Merit
You are unusually supple. Reduce the difficulty of any Dexterity roll involving body flexibility by two. Squeezing through a tiny space is one example of a use for this Merit.

Blush of Health - 2PT Merit
You look more hale and healthy in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend with human society much more easily. You still retain the color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cool to the touch.

Misplaced Heart - 2PT Merit
Your heart has actually moved within your body, though no farther than two feet from its original position. You cannot be staked unless your attacker knows the right location of your heart. Obviously, you will want to keep this highly secret.

Enchanting Voice - 2PT Merit
There is something about your voice that others cannot ignore. When you command, they are cowed. When you seduce, they swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, persuading or simply talking, your voice commands attention. The difficulties of all die rolls involving the use of the voice to persuade, charm or command are reduced by two.

Early Riser - 1PT Merit
You always seem to be the first to rise and the last to go to bed. You always get up at least one hour before everyone else, even if you stay up until dawn. You seem to have the ability to exist on less rest.

Dare-Devil - 3PT Merit
You are good at taking risks and even better at surviving them. When attempting exceptionally risky actions (such as leaping from one moving car to another), characters with this Merit add an additional three dice to their rolls, and negate a single botch die that may result from such a roll. Generally, such actions must be at least difficulty 8 and have the potential to inflict at least three health levels of damage if failed.

Efficient Digestion - 3PT Merit
You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood when feeding, you gain an additional point to your blood pool for every two points of blood you consume. This does not allow you to exceed your blood pool maximum.

Huge Size - 4PT Merit
You are abnormally large in size, at least 6'10" and 300 pounds in weight. Aside from making you extremely noticeable in public this extra mass bestows an additional Bruised health level. Characters with the Merit may also gain bonuses to push objects, open barred doors, avoid being knocked down, etc.

Useful Knowledge - 1PT Merit
You have expertise in a specific field that makes your conversation intriguing to an older Kindred. So long as your knowledge holds the other vampire's attention, he has a vested interest in keeping you around. Then again, once he's pumped you for every iota of information you possess, that patronage may suddenly vanish. (Note: This Merit should he played like a 1-dot Mentor with a specific interest. However, unlike a Mentor, Useful Knowledge does not imply a permanent relationship.)

Bruiser - 1PT Merit
Your appearance is sufficiently thug-like to inspire fear or at least disquiet in those who see you. While you're not necessarily ugly per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you. you are at 1 difficulty on all Intimidation rolls against those who have not demonstrated their physical superiority to you.

Friendly Face - 1PT Merit
You have a face that reminds everyone of someone, to the point where strangers are inclined to be well-inclined toward you because of it. The effect doesn't fade if you explain the "mistake," leaving you at 1 difficulty on all appropriate Social based rolls (yes for Seduction, no for Intimidation, for example) when a stranger is involved. This Merit only functions on a first meeting.

Physical Flaws

Color Blindness - 1PT Flaw
You can only see in black and white. Color means nothing to you, although you are sensitive to color density, which you perceive as shades of gray. Note: color blindness actually indicates an inability to distinguish between two colors, but we fudged a bit for the sake of playability.

Smell of the Grave - 1PT Flaw
You exude an odor of dampness and newly turned earth, which no amount of scents or perfumes will cover. Mortals in your immediate presence become uncomfortable, so the difficulties of all Social rolls to affect mortals increase by one.

Short - IPT Flaw
You are well below average height four and a half feet tall or less. You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adult size, and your running speed is one half that of a normally proportioned human.

Hard of Hearing - 1PT Flaw
Your hearing is defective. The difficulties of any die rolls involving the use of hearing are increased by two.

Disfigured - 2PT Flaw
A hideous disfigurement makes your appearance disturbing and memorable. The difficulties of all die rolls relating to social interaction are increased by two. You may not have an Appearance rating greater then 2.

14th Generation- 2PT Flaw
You were created five or fewer years ago by a member of the 13th generation. Though you have 10 blood points in your body, only eight of them may be used to heal wounds, power Disciplines, raise Attributes, etc. Obviously, taking this Flaw precludes you from taking the Generation Background, and you may not start with Status, either. You are likely a clanless Caitiff, for your blood is probably too thin to pass down the distinguish the characteristics of a clan. Most 14thgeneration vampires should also take the Thin Blood Flaw[/b].

Infectious Bite - 2PT Flaw
You lack the enzymes that allow most Kindred to seal the wounds caused by their feeding. You may not automatically lick the wounds of your feeding closed. In fact, your bites have a one in five chance of becoming infected and causing mortal victims to become seriously ill. The precise nature of the infection is determined by the Storyteller.

Bad Sight - (l or 3)PT Flaw
Your sight is defective. The difficulties of any die rolls involving the use of your eyesight are increased by two. As a one point Flaw[/b], this condition can be corrected with glasses or contacts; as a 3PT Flaw, the condition is too severe to be corrected.

One Eye - 2PT Flaw
You have only one eye which eye is missing is up to you. The difficulties of all Perception rolls involving eyesight are increased by two, and the difficulties of all die rolls requiring depth perception are increased by one (this includes ranged combat).

Selective Digestion - 2PT Flaw
You can only digest certain types of blood. You may choose whether you can only drink cold blood (that from a corpse), or blood with the taste of a strong emotion (fear, joy, and so on) or possibly only the blood of animals. This Flaw[/b] may not be taken by Ventrue, who are already similarly limited by their clan weakness.

Permanent Wound - 3PT Flaw
You suffered injuries during your Embrace which your transformation somehow failed to repair. At the beginning of each night, you rise from sleep at the Wounded health level, though this may be healed by spending blood points.

Child - 3PT Flaw
You were a small child (between five and l0 years old) at the time of your Embrace, leaving your Physical Attributes underdeveloped and making it difficult to interact with some aspects of mortal society. You may not have more than two dots in Strength or Stamina, except when raising Physical Attributes with blood points, and the difficulties of all die rolls when attempting to direct or lead mortal adults are increased by two. Characters with this Flaw must also purchase the Short Flaw.

Deformity - 3PT Flaw
You have some kind of deformity; misshapen limb, hunchback, clubfoot, etc. which affects your physical abilities and interactions with others. A hunchback for instance, would lower a character’s Dexterity by two dots and increase the difficulty of die rolls relating to social skills by one. It is the responsibility of the Storyteller to determine the specific effects of the deformity chosen.

Lame - 3PT Flaw
Your legs are damaged, which prevents you from running or walking easily. You are forced to walk with a cane or possibly leg braces, and have a pronounced limp to your stride. Your walking speed is one quarter that of a normal human and running is impossible.

One Arm - 3PT Flaw
You have only one arm which is determined randomly at character creation. This could be a battle scar, birth defect or other form of injury (which cannot be regenerated it is assumed that you are accustomed to wing your remaining hand, so you suffer no offhand penalty. However, you do suffer a two dice penalty to any Dice Pool where two hands would normally be needed to perform a task. A character may not take this Flaw[/b] along with the Merit[/b] Ambidextrous (of course, there's little need).

Monstrous - 3PT Flaw
Your physical form was twisted during the Embrace, and now reflects the Beast that rages inside you. Characters with this Flaw[/b] appear to be savage monsters and have Appearance ratings of zero. Even Nosferatu have difficulty interacting with such individuals.

Slow Healing - 3PT Flaw
You have difficulty healing wounds. It requires two blood points to heal one health level of normal damage, and you heal one health level of aggravated damage every five days (plus the usual five blood points and Willpower expenditure).

Addiction 3PT Flaw
You suffer from an addiction to a substance, which must now be present in the blood you drink. This can be alcohol, nicotine, hard drugs or simply adrenaline. This substance always impairs you in some fashion.

Mute - 4PT Flaw
You cannot speak. You may communicate with the Storyteller and describe your actions, but cannot talk to player. Storyteller characters unless everyone concerned uses Linguistics dots to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say.

Infertile Vitae - 3PT Flaw
For some reason you are unable to create new vampires. All those you try to Embrace die. Your vitae is faulty even beyond that of Thin Blood. You may not create any childer no matter what you do. However, unlike the Flaw Thin Blood, you can use your blood just as all other vampires can.

Thin Blood - 4PT Flaw
Your blood is thin, weak and does not sustain you well. All blood point costs are doubled (e.g., using blood related Disciplines or healing damage), and you are unable to create a blood bond. Furthermore, efforts to sire other vampires succeed only 20% of the time.

Permanent Fangs - 3PT Flaw
Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you've had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetics, sooner or later you're going to nun into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from ever occurring. You are also limited to an Appearance rating of 3 at most.

Disease Carrier - 4PT Flaw
With your blood comes a lethal and highly contagious disease. The disease can be anything from rabies to HIV, and Kindred who drink your blood have a 10 percent chance of becoming a carrier as well. You must spend an extra blood point each night on awakening, or you will begin manifesting symptoms of the disease (increased chance to frenzy for rabies, reduced soak rolls for HIV, etc.).

Deaf - 4PT Flaw
You cannot hear. While you may ignore some applications of Dominate, you may not listen to electronic or vocal media, and the difficulties of many Alertness rolls are increased by three.

Flesh of the Corpse - 5PT Flaw
Your flesh does not fully regenerate itself once it is damaged. While you are able to heal yourself to the point of regaining full functionality, your skin still retains the cuts, tears, bullet holes, etc., which you have incurred. Depending on the nature of the damage, this Flaw[/b] will make social dealings exceedingly difficult.

Blind - 6PT Flaw
You cannot see. Characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory input, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform especially under stressful conditions. Difficulties of all Dexterity based rolls are increased by two. Oddly, vampires with Level Two Auspex (Aura Perception) are still able to use this ability, though the information is interpreted via the other senses.

Dulled Bite - 2PT Flaw
For some reason your fangs never developed fully they may not have manifested at all. When feeding, you need to find some other method of making the blood flow. Failing that, you must achieve double the normal number of successes in order to make your bite penetrate properly. A number of Caitiff and high generation vampires often manifest this Flaw.

Twitch - 1PT Flaw
You have some sort of repetitive motion that you make in times of stress, and it's a dead giveaway as to your identity. Examples include a nervous cough, constantly wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles and so on. It costs one Willpower to refrain from engaging in your twitch.

Open Wound - (2-4)PT Flaw
You have one or more wounds that refuse to heal, and which constantly drip blood. This slow leakage costs you an extra blood point per evening (marked off just before dawn). in addition to drawing attention to you. If the wound is visible, you are at + 1 difficulty for all Social based rolls. For two points, this Flaw is simply unsightly and has the basic effect mentioned above; for four points the seeping wound is serious or disfiguring and includes the effects of the Flaw Permanent Wound (Vampire, page 297).

Glowing Eyes - 3PT Flaw
You have the stereotypical glowing eyes of vampire legend, which gives you a 1 difficulty on Intimidation rolls when you're dealing with mortals. However, the trade offs are many; you are a walking tear in the Masquerade and must constantly disguise your condition (no, contacts don't cut it); the glow impairs your vision and puts you at + 1 difficulty on all sight-based rolls (including the use of ranged weapons); and the radiance emanating from your eye sockets makes it difficult to hide (+2 difficulty to Stealth rolls) in the dark.
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Physical Merits and Flaws
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