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 Path of Blood

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PostSubject: Path of Blood   Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:18 pm

* A Taste for Blood
This power was developed as a means of testing a foe's might - an extremely important ability in the tumultous early nights of Clan Tremere. By merely tasting the blood of his subject, the thaumaturge may determine how much vitae remains in the subject and, if the subject is a vampire, how recently he has fed, his approximate generation and, with three or more successes, whether he has recently committed diablerie.

System: The number of successes achieved on the roll determines how much information the thaumaturge gleans and how accurate it is.

** Blood Rage
This power allows a vampire to force another Kindred to expend blood against his will. The thaumaturge must touch her subject for this power to work, though only the lightest contact is necessary. A vampire affected by this power might feel a physical rush as the thaumaturge heightens his Physical Attributes, or may even find himself on the brink of frenzy as his stores of vitae are mystically depleted.

System: Each success forces the subject to spend one blood point immediately in the way the thaumaturge desires.Note that blood points forcibly spent in this manner may exceed the normal "per turn" maximum indicated by the victim's generatoin. Each success gained also increases the subject's difficulty to resist frenzy by one.

*** Blood of Potency

The thaumagurge gains such control over his own blood that he may effectively "concentrate" it, making it more powerful for a short time. In effect, he may temporarily lower his own generation with this power. This power may be used on ly once per night.

System: Successes earned on the Willpower roll must be spent both to decrease the vampire's generatoin and to maintain the change. One success alllows the character to lower his generation by one step for one hour. Each success grants the Kindred either one step down in generation or one hour of effect. If th evampire is diablerized while this power is in effect, it wears off immediately and the diablerist gains power appropriate to the thaumaturge's actual generation. Furthermore, any mortals Embraced by the thaumaturge are born to the generation apporpriate to their sire's original generatoin.

Once the effect wears off, any blood over the character's blood pool maximum dilutes, leaving the character at his regular blood pool maximum..

**** Theft of Vitae

A thaumaturge using this power siphons vitae from her subject. She need never come into contact with the subject - blood literally streams out in a physical torrent from the subject to the Kindred (though it is often mystically absorbed and need not enter through the mouth).

System: The number of successes determines how many blood points the Tremere transferes from the subject. The subject must be visible to the thaumaturge and within 50 feet. Using this power is like drinking from the subject - used three times on the same Kindred, it creates a blood bond on the part of the thaumaturge! This power is obviously quite spectacular, and Camarilla princes justifiably consider its public use a breach of the Masquerade.

***** Cauldron of Blood
A thaumaturge using this power boils her subject's blood in his veins like water on a stove. The Kindred must touch her subject, and it is this contact that simmers the subject's blood. This power is always fatal to mortals, and causes great damage to even the mightiest vampires.

System: The number of successes gained determines how many blood points are brought to boil. The subject suffers one health level of aggravated damage for each point boiled (individuals with Fortitude may soak this damage using only their Fortitude dice). A singel success kills any mortal, though some ghouls are said to have survived.
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Path of Blood
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