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 Spirit Thaumaturgy

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PostSubject: Spirit Thaumaturgy   Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:44 pm

* Evil Eye
System: Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty Humanity
The vampire may inflict one botched die per success on the victim any time during that scene. These botches can be accumulated, and added to any roll, in any number, but any unused by the end of the scene are lost.

** Spirit Sight

System: Perception + Occult, difficulty Willpower
The vampire may see spirits in whatever form they have taken, and may even communicate with them.

*** Spirit Slave
System: Willpower, difficulty 6
Resist: Willpower, difficulty 6
The vampire may demand a service of a spirit in her presence, and if the spirit is capable of this task, it must perform it. The spirit is free to leave afterward.

**** Fetishes
Systems: Willpower, difficulty Willpower
Resist: Willpower, difficulty Willpower
The vampire can force a spirit to inhabit an object, where it will become a permanent slave. She automatically loses one point of Humanity for doing this, if the spirit was not willing.

***** Journey
System: By spending a willpower point, the vampire may leave her body, and roam the physical world as a spirit. In this form, she may be attacked as a spirit, but not physically, and may use mental disciplines. She is generally visible, and appears naked, unless she uses Obfuscate.
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Spirit Thaumaturgy
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